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Thailand, Long neck Karen 2011 JAN

Thailand, Long neck Karen 2011 JAN
by admin October 20, 2017

The Karen, sub-group of them are so famous about long neck people. Call ‘Padong’ or ‘Patdong’  Especially in Thailand and Myanmar.  I been in refuge camp from Myanmar for Padong. Many people wander to know why.  So far, i did`t find correct reason of this special accessory. All of just rumor it`s dons`t have any proof.  The life of this village have two face.  At the daytime waiting for tourist and everything OK. But,  When night time, all tourist and Gov. Office back just killing time play card or gambling even drug.  Cos, regally can not work even cultivate simple vegetable also prohibit.  But still many refugee are came to this camp for make sure they`er safety from Gov. I hope they will accept in Thailand society. and standing on by themself.















Wear the Kayan dress



















Kayan woman take pose at the village in Huay Pu Keng, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

































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